Happy Birthday, Greta Garbo! | 18 September, 1905 – 15 April, 1990.

“She has this great appeal to the world because she expresses her emotions by thinking them. Garbo does not need gestures and movements to convey happiness, despair, hope and disappointment, joy or tragedy. She registers her feelings literally by radiating her thoughts to you.”  Clarence Brown

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Xiao Wen Ju, Asia Chow, Jacob K, Liu Wen, March 2012, Millinery, Tim Walker, W Magazine .

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Portrait miniature of an Indian courtesan, made in India, 1830-50 (source).

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5 Plots on Gender You Have to See (Weekly Plotly Roundup)

We’ve posted a new roundup of the latest and greatest Plotly plots! Check out our full post with the interactive plots embedded to find more awesome content.

The data for this area plot comes from a study in which researchers sent thousands of identical emails to professors across the country and signed them with names signalling different genders and ethnicities. Basically, in every department outside the Fine Arts, emails signed with a “white male” name received more attention than almost any of the others — even when the professors were themselves women or members of a minority group. Read more…


Clarice Mayne by Bassano - 1910s

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Ancient Sumerian necklaces and headdress discovered in the tomb of a woman named Puabi who was either a Queen or a Priestess, c. 2600-2400  B.C.

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Ruan Lingyu 阮玲玉 in The Goddess 神女 (1934 Chinese silent film)

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Iceland (by Buffalo Fawn)

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Horae ad usum romanum (c. 1401). [x]

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